Men's violence against women and violence in close relationships

An introductory course on
Men's violence against women and violence in close relationships

Men's violence against women is a serious and widespread societal problem both globally and in Sweden. Having knowledge about violence is important in order to be able to give victims of violence a good response and to be able to work preventively and change attitudes in society. In this course you get an introduction to the subject of men's violence against women and violence in close relationships.

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The course is an excellent tool for acquiring an overall knowledge of the subject. As a future sociologist, it is especially important to broaden one's understanding and definition of violence in order to deviate from stereotypical images. The course structure with different chapters is smooth and flexible.

Sanna Frykman
Sociology student, Mittuniversitetet


All employees must take the web course. Exposure to violence is everywhere, in all classes of society, and therefore everyone in our municipality should have the same knowledge about violence in close relationships.

Jonna Welander
Coordinator, VCR team, Karlshamns kommun


A very good education where you can assimilate the content regardless of background. The course gives you knowledge about violence so that in your professional role you can then discover a person who is exposed.

Leif Clase
Business coordinator, Arbetsförmedlingen Östersund

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